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Smile forever!


The day you say good-bye to your braces is always an exciting one! However, your orthodontic care is not complete at that point. Maintaining your beautiful smile is just as important as creating your smile. Retention is how you maintain that smile.

When your braces are removed, you will be given two retainers. The upper retainer is usually removable and the lower retainer is usually “fixed” or glued to the inside of your front teeth. Dr. Smith may prescribe a different retainer that fits your specific situation.

The usual retainer procedure is to wear the upper retainer full-time for at least 6 months. After that time, you should plan on wearing your retainer EVERY NIGHT for the first year during which time we will be keeping an eye on your retention.

We will schedule 2 appointments, 3 months apart, and your last appointment 6 months later to evaluate your teeth and bite. At that time, Dr. Smith will instruct you about any further retainer wear.

It's important for orthodontic patients to realize that it only takes days without a retainer for some teeth to begin shifting back to their original position, especially within the first year after removing your braces. If you lose your removable retainer or if your fixed retainer comes loose in any area, please contact our orthodontic office as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to see your smile and ensure that it remains beautiful.

Retention FAQs

That all depends on you! The answer can vary based on the length of your orthodontic treatment, how well you’re keeping up with your appointments, and your tendency for relapse. Dr. Damon will develop a specific set of instructions for your retainer wear. Make sure you follow them!
They do. Take a look at their teeth and see if they’re perfectly aligned. Odds are their teeth have shifted after treatment. By wearing a retainer you ensure that your teeth will look perfect for years to come.
Hold on to them! They can come in handy if you break or lose your primary retainer.
Absolutely! How else are we going to make necessary adjustments?
Make sure to brush your retainer whenever you brush your teeth. Give your retainers a rinse with mild soap and water as well.
Your retainer will be custom-fit and created to fit your mouth and your mouth alone, but teeth can shift, and a retainer can break if it is forced onto your teeth after a shift has occurred. Retainers are also susceptible to explosions and fire, as well as curious pets. Keep your retainer safe!