Custom Mouthguards Essential for Youth Athletes to Preventing Oral Sports Injuries

Custom Mouthguards Essential for Youth Athletes to Preventing Oral Sports Injuries

A custom mouthguard is the best defense in preventing an oral sports injury. Since 1962, mouthguards have been used in high contact sports, such as football, and was mandated as a rule by the National Alliance Football Rules Committee.

Prior to the mandatory use of a mouth protector, oral trauma comprised 50% of all football injuries. That's a lot of broken and missing teeth! The purpose of the mouthguard is to provide a separation between the teeth and soft tissue, which prevents the likelihood of cuts and bruises on the cheeks and lips.

Mouthguards are also thought to reduce the occurrence of concussions, by absorbing the shock and limiting movement caused by a hit to the face, which in turn keep the head and neck more stable.

Types of Mouthguards

A standard mouthguard is made of hard plastic and provides no molding around individual teeth. While these mouthguards are better than no protection at all, they don’t always prevent injury, as they can slide around teeth and don’t create a protective mold around individual teeth.

As a whole family dental provider, we work with families with young athletes on a regular basis. We often advise young athletes who need a mouthguard for sports to go with a custom molded version, that securely hold teeth in place, and are made of a softer, more pliable material that absorb the force of a hit.

Custom Mouthguards for Youth Athletes

As a way to show our commitment to young athletes and their safety, we are offering professional mouthguards to area athletes free of charge! These custom mouthguards are fitted to your athlete’s mouth, come in a variety of colors and prevent injuries that can keep them out of the game.

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Posted by Rob Smith at 8:35 AM