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In the past, when a general dentist felt their patient could benefit from specialty care, like orthodontics or oral surgery, the patient would typically be referred to an outside specialist for evaluation and treatment. This traditional referral process can become cumbersome and inefficient at times. Patients and family members must coordinate appointments with their schedules, doctors must find time to get together and consult on the case, staff members must coordinate the transfer of dental records, etc. Miscommunication, inconvenience, and delay often ensues.

The patient experience at Smith Dental is different in almost every way. By bringing together these branches of dentistry under one roof, with providers that pass each other in our halls every day, our patients come away with a different view. For example, when Dr. Gray suspects that a patient would benefit from orthodontic treatment, she can easily pull Dr. Smith in for a quick consult while the patient is still in her chair.

If the patient accepts treatment, all their dental, insurance, and financial records have already been captured and the clinical coordination between the two dental teams becomes seamless, and often occurs behind the scenes, completely unnoticed by the patient. We are constantly on the lookout for hidden efficiencies that can be passed on to the patient. For example, when we have an orthodontic patient that is due for their regular cleaning, every effort is made to schedule both these appointments back-to-back, on the same day.

No more coordinating appointments with multiple practices. No more duplicate paperwork and hassle. No additional time off from work and school.

The close collaboration that occurs in real-time translates to faster, more efficient, and oftentimes more economical treatment for the patient while our staff focuses on creating the kind of unique patient experience that sets us apart.


Smyrna TN orthodontist

Orthodontic technology has come a long way in recent years, and in particular from the bulky, wrap-around braces that were common when many of us were kids. The advancements in bracket technology, methods, and materials has made it possible for the orthodontic experience to be dramatically more effective, efficient, and comfortable for the patient.

We offer multiple treatment options including ‘clear’, or ceramic brackets, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, as well as traditional metal brackets. Learn more about our orthodontic treatment.


From routine cleanings, the occasional filling, to root canals and gum disease, the dental professionals at Smith Dental cover it all. We provide extended hours for the whole family where we routinely see patients until 8pm during the week, as well as some Saturdays.

Interested in getting the whole family in for a check-up? No problem, give us a call and we can make it work, on your schedule. We are providers for all the major insurance carriers, as well as some not-so-major. Don't have insurance, and are concerned about the cost of dentistry? Check out our innovative Pipeline Club, a membership club for the uninsured dental patient.

Welcome to the Family

If you are happy with your existing dentist, but are interested, for example, in seeing if orthodontics is for you, terrific! We have many patients for whom we only provide orthodontic treatment, so you need not be an existing patient to see one of our specialists. Whether your general dentist referred you to us, or you discovered us on your own while researching Smyrna, Tennessee dentists, we're honored that you're considering joining the Smith Dental family.


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"Wonderful experience! Fun, friendly staff! We have a very busy schedule and they were very accommodating when scheduling appointments! Great office hours too!" -- Betsi J, Patient, G+ Review